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bizarre lag on p2p online gaming PS4

So I used to be with BT fibre with homehubs 3 and 4 but this superhub I have never experienced this before. Ironically I actually quit EE (yes I know it's still BT) for BT and I had problems but NOTHING like this.


Here's my setup. I have 2 ps4's, we are playing PES 2019 which does not use dedicated servers, it is a P2P game. In the past I have had each ps4 wired to switch and ofc to the router. Now the first week was actually okay, but now week 4 into this new line and we have crippling lag. So I started switching things and  no matter what I do I cannot correct this issue. 

Now if me and my brother play other people there is no lag. But if we play together on the same team....problems. 

So I've tried the following:

Removing the switch and giving each ps4 it's own dedicated wired port. 

Switching off firewall, placing the hosting Ps4 into dmz, disabling EXTENDED UPNP. 

Tried different cables, different ports on the hub etc. 

My streaming devices are all plugged into an entirely separate port and the ps4's never go near them.

And none of this works.

I am not going to put up with this much longer as it's utterly baffling, especially since we've had this setup before on BT previously, just not on the is this the issue? The hub itself? Clearly there is some kind of issue with use being on the same internal network?? Which shouldn't matter right?


I need advice but I also need to know can I just use my own modem? 

We are approaching the weekend and I will cancel this weekend if I cannot fix this as I am not putting up with a 3rd weekend in a row of issues.

For reference the following other online games work flawlessly with superb ping: BATTLEFIELD 1, Dark Souls. PES 2019 in singleplayer only. 

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