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broadband cutting out every now and then - suspected to be adsl faceplate on vdsl line

Hi, over the past couple of months i had been noticing that in the BT home hub settings, the broadband uptime keeps dropping out so the router can be on for a week straight and the connection time is only 15 hours. at first i didn't think much of it as the home hub and modem was due to be replaced by a home hub 6 which is being used now. The router has been on for almost 25 days straight and the internet up-time has only been a day and a bit.

I've checked the wiring and all seems fine.


I am getting average 45 down and 8 up on speed 


My current setup is a ADSL faceplate with a extension cable hardwired to the back.

This cable has not shown me any cause for concern over the year and a half its been installed. 

The cable is also twisted pair and not a cheap flat one

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BT infinity dropping out - Suspected due to wrong equipment

Right, so over the past couple of months i have noticed that our BT broadband keeps dropping out. It will stay on for sometimes half a day, or even a full day or 2 then drops out for a short period and then reconnects.

My current setup is a ADSL face plate with an extension hardwired to the back of the faceplate using the A&B terminals. That extension is then going to a BT extension socket with a micro filter plugged into it which then goes the the router.

Im now suspecting if this is due to me using Adsl equipment over a vdsl line.


BTW, i  have no phone installed. 


The cable has been installed for almost 2 years now and has given me no cause for concern. 


My speeds average about 50 down and 8 up


Shall i plug the router directly into the test socket and see if that works?

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Re: BT infinity dropping out - Suspected due to wrong equipment


The ADSL faceplate is fine, but you need to connect the home hub directly to the front of the faceplate, in the correct small socket.

The extension should really be disconnected, as it may be causing the disconnections. You should only have the main incoming line connected to the A&B terminals, not any extension wiring.

If you need a phone at the extension, then it needs to be connected to the terminals on the back of the ADSL faceplate which are filtered.

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements. Noise on the phone line will cause disconnections.

You will need to get hold of a phone to do that.


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Re: BT infinity dropping out - Suspected due to wrong equipment

the A&B terminals on the back of the ADSL faceplate (not the main open reach socket) are for if you want to extend the broadband which im obviously taking advantage of. These terminals are unfiltered and the normal numbered terminals are filtered for phone signal. 


So cant be that. 

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Re: BT infinity dropping out - Suspected due to wrong equipment

Then is most likely an issue with line noise which you will need to check with a phone at the test socket.

I will repeat again what I posted on another thread, regarding phone connections.

Why do you need phone connected to your line?

If the phone line is noisy or has a high resistance connection, then that will affect your broadband.

The lack of any current flowing through the wires due to the lack of a phone providing an occasional loop, causes oxidisation at any joints which causes the line resistance to increase. This does not show up on a normal line test.

With Private Circuits it is common practice to allow a small "DC Wetting" current to flow through the line to prevent this problem.

There are quite a few people that do not plug a house phone in to check dial tone every so often. This can cause issues with broadband. Also, if one wire has become disconnected (quite common), then that will cause no broadband,  constant disconnections, or a very low speed.

The solution is to get hold of a cheap (less than £10) wired phone, and plug it into the phone socket to see if you get dial tone.

Then dial 17070 (free call)  and select option 2, quiet line test, and see if there is any noise on the line.

If you do not get dial tone, or there is noise on the line, then you need to report it as either no dial tone, or a noisy line. Do not mention the broadband problem, otherwise it will end up in the wrong fault queue, and take much longer to be fixed. There are plenty of people who can fix phone faults, but not as many broadband people.

Once the phone fault is fixed, then the broadband will get better.

You may find that the very act of plugging a phone in, and getting dial tone, fixes your broadband, as it breaks down any corrosion.

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Re: BT infinity dropping out - Suspected due to wrong equipment

dont really know what a high resistance line is but know what a noisy one is+ Haven't read the wiki article, will do later. 

i have plugged the router not in to the test socket but into the adsl faceplate. this is because if the broadband doesn't cut out, then it must be the extension. if it does cut out then it must be either the faceplate or the line. then i will plug directly into the test socket and see what happens then. 

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