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broadband down AGAIN

Saturday Uk time 1630 my internet dies. steady orange light.

phone the 0800 number and am told by computer the major outage in my area is fixed.

no it isn't

hang on to speak to a human who says it should be fixed, try later.

tried later, nothing, another call, complaint raised, hopefully fixed by NEXT THURSDAY!

tried again this morning, worked sporadically for two hours and died.


now on the phone to india who say the problem is inside my apartment and if the damage or break is my fault it's £85

Nothing has changed inside my apartment, nothing!

Engineer coming tuesday, he better well show up.

I have had this broadband fibre thing for a month and it's broken down twice.

my old BT broadband was rock steady for five years day in day out.

really dissappointed.

and it turns out BT will not accept my new mobile phone number without sending me a pin number via the internet......

I HAVE NO INTERNET so how the heck are you meant to inform me the problem is solved, I found an email this morning telling me it was solved, good job I bothered to see if my internet worked this morning, why bother sending an email on a sunday morning when you have already told me my internet is likely to be down until possibly THURSDAY!


I've  have had to drive a 15mile round trip to use the wifi at my office to manage my ebay sales, moderate my facebook groups and urgently get in touch with family abroad.


thanks BT you really are not very good at this fault finding, yesterday the problem was in a cabinet in the street, today I am advised my cat may have chewed through a wire or building work may have damaged a cable.


what utter rubbish to have to agree to possibly paying £85 before you will agree to send an engineer to my apartment, to fix a problem that is not in my apartment. 


Yours sincerely

Mr very very very irritated in Bognor Regis. 

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Re: broadband down AGAIN

This is just a customer to customer forum.

Is your landline phone working?

You would not pay anything unless the fault is cause by something in your apartment.

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Re: broadband down AGAIN

How's the cat?

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Re: broadband down AGAIN

The cat survived.


Update SHOCK!

A manager from India phoned me Sunday afternoon to tell me the fault was not mine but was in fact out in the street.

I did try and tell you that, but oh no, you ain't had to be my fault didn't it.... 
The builders and the cat suddenly ran in to my apartment and ripped out all my wires.... 

I live in a tower block and apparently many BT users reported faults over the weekend in our building, so you knew we were without internet.....

I now have internet again, I am not holding my breath.

I waited SEVEN years to play Borderlands 3 online and my weekend was ruined, by BT telling me this and that and having to do a 15 mile round trip to manage my ebay sales and group mods online and not being able to play online.

I now won't be able to play online until next weekend, so thanks for that,  everyone else will have leveled up.....

I accept faults happen, I do not accept my cat chewing thro ethernet cables to be a response to a known fault. 

Don't ever threaten me with an £85 bill again for an engineer visit.  It's your network, not mine. 

I have been a customer of yours since October 1999.

If you want to keep me, don't treat me, or my cat, like an inbred fool. 

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Re: broadband down AGAIN

It is obviously the way CS tell customers about the possible £85 charge. You will not get engineer visit unless you agree that if the fault is in your home including the wiring on your side of test socket then you will be charged £85 for the engineer callout. If the fault is outside your home and other side of test socket then there will be no charge for the engineer visit

so it is not a threat it is information to ensure the customer has done the basic checks before requesting engineer visit. If you are positive problem is outside your home then you should not be charged

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