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make your mind up !!

I Can, Or I cant, but BT please make your mind up !!!


Now have a Home hub 4 as the 3 kept dropping Wifi, awful bit of kit. 


So ive been assured the HH4 is alot better.... fingers crossed.


When ordering the HH the call rep asked me if i wanted infinity?? I said ive wanted it since March, was told its available, and put me through to the Infinity team. Well 30 mins later, 4 dropped calls, 2 diverts. Still none the wiser.

Was told twice, yes, its available on my line, divert, dropped call/cut off.


The BT website says no, its not. 


Im not ringing them any more, cos for the best telecoms service, the customer services lines are rubbish !!

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Re: make your mind up !!

What does this say?
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Re: make your mind up !!

The online checkers are generally a fair guide but not 100% reliable even at sub-postcode level. I have a friend on a £500K+ estate in Kent where the broadband has been abysmal for years (money doesn't always talk!). Infinity has now arrived but said pal is getting fed up with BT's offers only to be told it's not available at his place when he enquires. He thought it had been cracked a couple of months ago following a phone call which resulted in an actual order. Three days before the installation date BT were once again in sackcloth and ashes.

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