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master socket wiring

we have a master socket in our kitchen and two extesion sockets after removing the faceplate i can see only one wire attached to the face plate should the extension sockets not also be wired to the removable faceplate?

it looks like they are behind the test socket is this correct?

We have moved house and had our bt infinity 2 moved with us but our speed is not really where it should be.

The line to the house is fine and has been checked by openreach.

Should be getting a minimum speed of 40 meg we are lucky if we 20 meg.

So i think our problem is in the house.

i may well be looking to pay for bt to upgrade our sockets and internal wiring as well as removing the extension socket from two to one.

we want a new upgraded master socket with built in filter in the hall next to where the main line actually comes into the house remove extensions socket from living room and bedroom and change the old master socket in the kitchen to an extension.

i get the impression our broad band signal is being fragmented due to the wiring in the house.

does anyone have any thoughts?

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