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"sorry, we're unable to test your speed at the moment"

Using a Smart Hub 2 and struggling with drop outs and slower than expected speeds recently

I've not yet hooked up an ethernet cable to do a wired test with a 3rd party speed test, as previously I've been able to do this through BT support site.  Obviously, there could be challenges with WIFI, but I've been testing right up to the router and whereas previously I've been getting >300mbs, I'm now getting 10-30mbs.  And frequent dropouts, despite the light remaining blue. 

Unfortunately when trying to run the broadband performance test on any computer in the house I'm getting "sorry, we're unable to test your speed at the moment" with no additional details."  I don't know if that's a network-wide issue or specific to my router/connection.

I wondered if anyone else has had this issue and found a way past it?  I'd like to be able to compare what's coming through from the exchange to what the SH2 is transmitting so that I can narrow down what the issue is.

Many thanks for any advice

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Re: "sorry, we're unable to test your speed at the moment"

Hi @LordRothermere welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I've seen a few of these reports lately and a reboot of the Hub has allowed the speed test to work. 



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Re: "sorry, we're unable to test your speed at the moment"

I have what sounds like the same problem along with attrocious download speeds. while the speeds have improved I still can not use the BT Speed Test from the MY BT Login pages below I have an open call with BT and they are so keen to close this call its unbelievable.  and there seems no easy way to tell them problem isn't resolved.

A router reboot DOES NOT RESOLVE this 

BT Speed Tester.png

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