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re: New build cabinet not activated for FTTC


I am purchasing a new build in Tiverton.

Looking into internet availability, it appears that the Tiverton exchange is Fibre enabled and all 39 cabinets that are connected are Fibre enabled.

The new estate has a new cabinet (cabinet 40) that has been installed in the last couple of years for the new estate. This cabinet is not fibre enabled and can only get 6mbps ADSL2+.

As all the cabinets in the town are enabled, the activation of this cabinet is more than likely right at the bottom of the activation list for the country. 

Is there anyway I can fast track this or attempt to get Openreach to upgrade to the cabinet? There are 240 properties connected to this cabinet. 

I dont understand why an FTTC or FTTP cabinet was not installed in the first instance.



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Re: re: New build cabinet not activated for FTTC

you would be better trying here and not openreach

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Re: re: New build cabinet not activated for FTTC

Your first port of  call is the developer. If they have liased with Openreach then you will have FTTP services supplied.

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Re: re: New build cabinet not activated for FTTC

All new builds of 30+ dwellings that was registered after November 2016 now have FTTP Installed as BT’s cost.

If your Estate was planned and registered with Openreach New Sites prior to this then the developer would’ve been liable towards the cost of it, which they’ll never have done because it’s quite clear from the standards of new builds these days that they’ll cut every possible corner to save money.

Ref to the FTTC. Openreach need Planning Permission to Install RDSLAMS but not PCP’s. If the PCP was within the boundary of the development they would have to wait for the land to be adopted by the local authority, which is usually once the whole thing is built. Once it is they can get Planning Permission to put a RDSLAM in. I had this very same problem on a new build development I lived on. I remember when the road the PCP was on was adaopted by the Council Openreach had a RDSLAM on there within about 6 weeks.

There’s always the possibility that they’ll over lay the existing Copper Network with FTTP though, which they’re doing to quite a few new(ish) builds round my way.
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