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slow upload speed

I am on superfast fibre essential, due to the fact we have aluminium running here not copper we have always got low speeds, the down load is ok at 10 to 13 Mbps but the upload is only 0.02 at lowest reading up to about 0.7 at best normally about 0.5 we used to get 1.2 average upload,. That was sorted by open reach engineers back in 2013. BT help desk (and I use the word Help desk loosely) say there is nothing they can do only down load speeds guaranteed. BT estimate our achievable speeds are 12 - 19 download, 1 - 2 upload. All I want is to go back to our 1/1.2 upload not 0.5 and lower, or if were lucky as high as 0.7 any suggestion please. We have just connected the home hub 6 as kept getting blue light on home hub 5 but couldn't connect to internet, open reach found no fault, so BT say - that had been going on for a few months the same as the drop in speed. Thankyou.

By the wat I am not technical so need things explained very easy  and clear.

Thanks again for any help.

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Re: slow upload speed

can you post stats from your hh6 - advanced settings then technical log information

check line for noise  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone

run btspeedtster and when first test completes then run diagnostic test  don't reset before test

turn off smart setup

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