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speed again !!!

Age old subject of slow speeds , i have been with many isp prviders Talk Talk,Plusnet,BT (twice) why do they get away with being economical with the truth , i live in a remote area and i am promised "upto" 20mb by all these service providers and invariably it is nowhere near this. The best speed i have recieved is 14mb and currently i am getting between 3mb & 4mb , which means Amazon , Now TV are out of the equation. If internet providers cannot supply a decent speed then why cant thye be honest ? Paying £45 a month for fibre to BT and recieving 3mb is really ridiculous. Even the open reach engineers who have been to my home have admitted due to my location , i would never get anything approaching the promised 20mb. A little clarity and a reflection in the cost to the service BT can supply would be refreshing , but probably not aceeptable to the BT shareholders , is it really just all about the money BT ?

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Re: speed again !!!

can you post stats from your hub  if hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information

unfortunately the dslchecker does not appear to be working at present

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