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still connection problem with gaming.

after having an update on 23 of January.i started getting problem on some of my games.i cant go online.My friend has Virgin media,i tried going online on his console with my account and it worked perfectly fine.I tried everything from reseting the router or deleting data utilities on my PS3 still i get that number of connection closed,blocked logs on the events.its been over a month and still i am unable to go online on some of my fav. games.this is too frustating.i contacted BT technicall service.they said oh we had a fix for that but still **bleep**.A lot of **bleep**.why dont you just go back to the previous firmware you use to have.i can see alot of BT users are having problem specially GTA V PS3.i tried everything from port forwarding to everything.NO NOTHING NOtBT EVENT LOGS HUB5

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