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BT Home Hub 3 and Ipod Touch

This absolutley makes my blood boil. Im on the app store, or a webpage and the connection just goes off, and on, and off, and on. Over and over again. It just drops all the time, whether im doing something on it or not. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? 

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Re: BT Home Hub 3 and Ipod Touch

I'm wondering if your wireless is suffering from interference of some sort, neighbours wireless signal etc.


I would move the HH3 OFF of it's Automatic wireless setting and set it to a permanent wireless channel.


http://bthomehub.home/  log in then go to advanced settings then wireless and change the "automatic" to a specific wireless channel number (Least used/clear channel) and apply.


You can Identify an empty/least used wireless channel to move to, by using a free PC software Innsider2


Video of Innsider (it's version 1 but very similar)


But look out for Microwaves... Dect phone base, xmas lights well not now... lol


The WiFi killers link in this might be interesting.-


 Positioning the HH3 as high as possible and as central as possible may help.-  


I think I've seen similar posts saying that moving the HH3 off the "Automatic" setting improves connection to Xbox/Iphones etc.


Just a thought... others may say clutching at straws.


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Re: BT Home Hub 3 and Ipod Touch

Iv tried this many, many times before. Iv just changed it to channel 5 and the connection on Ipod is fine right now. What difference does it make if the channel is anything other than 1, 6 or 11?

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Re: BT Home Hub 3 and Ipod Touch

Its more to do with how many other people are using the same channel, if all your neighbours are using channel 6 then your iPod may struggle to connect due to the interfering signals.

In reality wifi is a bit messy, in an ideal world, if you were on channel 1 and your neighbours were on 6 and 11 it would be utopia, as these are the only channels that don't interfere with each other, as each channel overlaps slightly and only these three are far enough apart to avoid this!

If you can, download a wifi app like stumbler so that you can see what channels your neighbours are using, then pick a channel that is as far away from other channels as possible!

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Re: BT Home Hub 3 and Ipod Touch

See if any of my notes help Wireless Help


Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information and help.
You will need to be connected to your home BT Broadband connection to view it, or any links to it that I post on this forum.