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BT Infinity/BT Vision - Epic fail. Avoid if possible!

I am really disappointed with the BT Infinity set up. The TV ads give the impression that it is a neat little box (AKA "that bad boy over there") but in fact it requires 2 badly designed boxes (they're not even the same colour for heaven's sake)! 


Adding BT Vision has lumbers you with yet another one which is roughly the size of a 1980's Video player. So that's three sockets and a sturdy shelf needed before you can watch TV, and if you want to obtain anything approaching the internet speeds touted you have the option of either placing your computer within wiring distance of the television or running additional wires around the house, because apparently you can't take advantage of the full speeds wirelessly. I imagine that the Spanish girls in the Olympics ad spent more time watching buffering than Bolt and seriously wish they had gone elsewhere to "borrow".


Far from being the sleek operation as featured in the ads, it is a lumbering Heath Robinson affair that I can only surmise has been designed for a Duke of Edinburgh Award by the chairman's neice.


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Re: BT Infinity/BT Vision - Epic fail. Avoid if possible!

The Vision box is a product of BT Retail whereas the VDSL Modem is a product of Openreach. Until recently, when BT Retail started to pay Openreach to fit an end users Vision STB during the installation of Infinity they never had anything to do with it. Any ADSL user who pays Retail to fit the Vision STB for them would be sent an Engineer from BT Operate, not Openreach.


Also the reason why the VDSL Modem is white is because it has been designed to be attached to your wall, not sit on top of, or next to the Vision STB. As most peoples wall are white or similar lighter colours white was the most fitting choice, infact the only people who would have been happy with a black VDSL Modem attached to their wall are the kind of people who are advised not to walk within 50 feet of a strong magnet.

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Re: BT Infinity/BT Vision - Epic fail. Avoid if possible!

I can't speak about BT vision although I haven't read many good reviews but I'm pleased that Infinity is a two box solution.

It makes it so much easier to replace the HH3 with another router if you need to.

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Re: BT Infinity/BT Vision - Epic fail. Avoid if possible!

This 'ere computer what I'm using now is connected wirelessly, just told me I'm getting 54mbps download.  No problem here !