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BT Infinity Cabinet Checker

Is there somewhere I can check if/when the cabinet nearest me (SN1 4GN) is going to be upgraded for Infinity? I can see the exchange nearest to me already has.


I'm currently with Sky, but my broadband is next to useless! Generally somewhere between 1-4mbps, although the top end is only really off-peak!

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Re: BT Infinity Cabinet Checker

from next month openreach will give upgrade info on a cab basis on there website
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Re: BT Infinity Cabinet Checker



im in a similar situation everywhere around me is enabled apart from my cabinet (Dh89QX p36) which gives no dates of expected fttc on bt or bt wholesale checkers


where has the information that openreach are going to start giving more detailed cabinet info come from / has it been confirmed.



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Re: BT Infinity Cabinet Checker

Probably will not be as we are expecting.


Had enough of this whole Fast broadband con now.


roll on 4G



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Re: BT Infinity Cabinet Checker

[ Edited ]

I have checked your postcode on the hacked Open Reach database from December 2011, and it's not on there.


But it may well be now, so keep checking the BT website:


Do be aware that you cannot get Infinity without having a BT line first - many people have had problems trying to do both at the same time.


Once you know that Infinity is coming to you (although dates do normally slip), you may want to get a BT telephone line so that you can order Infinity once it is enabled.


You can watch out for the new fibre green cabinets being installed, which should be within about 100m of the old style (smaller) green cabinets that BT use for non fibre service.




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Re: BT Infinity Cabinet Checker

This is slightly misleading.


True, you cannot get "Infinity" without a BT Line.  But Infinity is just BT's branded version of FTTC.


Sky and many other internet providers have their own FTTC products.  If you didn't like BT for their normal broadband, don't switch to them for FTTC (Infinity) if your current internet provider has their own FTTC product.