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BT Infinity Install

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Looking for some advice re. BT Infinity.  Have ordered BT Infinity 1.  Currently have BT Total Broadband.  Using my home hub and telephone at an extension socket in the living room BT installed several years ago.  The master socket is in the hallway and is not being used.  I was wanting to keep my Home hub in the living room. Due to the layout of the property could I prior to engineer visit run a standard ethernet cable from beside my master socket under the floor into my living room to connect my Openreach modem (which I could wall mount in the hallway beside the master) and my BT Home Hub in the living room. This would be about ten metres.   Would that work? Would the speed be affected? Is this the same as the Data Extension kit?  I have heard about the possiblity of moving the master socket but if the engineer isn't willing to do this then I don't really want the  home hub in the hallway.

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Re: BT Infinity Install

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Yes, that would work and speed would not be affected.

The data extension kit or Home Wring Solution (HWS) extends the phone connection from the master socket to the modem, so distance is a factor.

A knowledgeable engineer would be able to actually move the master socket using your existing phone wiring, but that's often beyond the wit of sub-contractors.
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Re: BT Infinity Install

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I've just had Infinity installed and my set up was the same as yours. The engineer made the extension socket the master socket and it took just 20 minutes! Happy days and great speeds!
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