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Infinity speed too slow to stream on-demand

I upgraded to Infinity with Vision+ a couple of months ago. Due to building works, I have only just connected up the Vision+ box. Appallingly slow streaming speed, typically downloading iPlayer in about 10 second clips before it pauses to catch up. Is this just the "settling in" or is something more radical required. BTW, I have been using BB all the time since installation, not terribly impressed with the speed, it seems to go up and down. Previous standard BT broadband connection seemed better than this. Any ideas anyone? 

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Re: Infinity speed too slow to stream on-demand

If BBC iplayer is freezing there is most likely a problem with your broadband, BBC iPlayer requires a min of 2mb speed, check what speed you are running go to and test your speed, but by the sounds of it you will need a engineer visit.