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Port forwarding

Recently up graded to Infinity and the new router/HH3  but cant get port forwarding to actually do what it should.

Using a service called plane plotter i need to set up port forwarding UPD 9742 to a specific laptop on my nework.  after going through the process on the HH3 all at first seemed fine  but actually its not doing anything with the data.  i installed the checker to discover that the port isnt being forarded as set.   i've read around several forums  but i get the impression BT dont give a dam about the fact the HH3 is a step back in functionality compared to previos hubs?

are many other having similar troubles?  has anyone found a way around this problem yet,  or is there a decent router out there that would make a good HH3 replacement? that will actually do what a routr should?






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Re: Port forwarding

The home hubs are very tied down and have various issues if you need anything other than straight connections. I have  been looking at the Linksys E2000 at around £65 as it gets good reviews and should suit what I need. 

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Re: Port forwarding

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yup the hh3 as the hh2 are suffering issues from borked firmware


not tried since last update to see if portwording by name on hh3 works now


but mine works by


1. make sure the device u want to port forward keeps the ip address u want.


in home network, devices, clcik on the device and click always use this ip address.


2. set the ip in user defined ip address in the port forwarding, configuration, drop down



this is a nice site for router reviews


good forum too