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distance from green box?

What's the maximum distance from a green box? Is there any alternative connection,as cable runs right past my house,but is a mile away from nearest green box..
Thanks for any advice
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Re: distance from green box?

Are you talking about the maximum distance you can be away from the RDSLAM to get an FTTC based service?


If yes then you need to be within 1.5km of it otherwise your service will be next to none existent.


Although if your D-Side is mostly made up of Ali cable then anything over 600/700 metres is no good.

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Re: distance from green box?

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You can still order FTTC (Infinity, just no Infinity) over 1.5Km. They just stop selling Infinity after it gets less than 15Mbps so it doesn't ruin stats + not wanting to damage the brand. You can just order Faster Total broadband, which is the exact same technology as Infinity but it's up to 16Mbps.

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