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Re: blocked???

as i posted most likely a routing problem just a matter of waiting while the issue clears

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: blocked???

Working through a proxy. Annoying Man Mad

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Re: blocked???

Hi guys


No I don't think the servers are down though they have been for maintenance during the past few days however


It wont allow me to download anything i get this message every time


Доступ с этого IP для данной ссылки невозможен.


in English:Access from that IP for a given link is impossible.


But when I tell you that from the same machine and same ip ..I was able to download only a few days ago, why is it suddenley impossible to download now?


Well I can guess and ive already made my feelings known at their official site  (it's not just tb though) 


As well they are constantly trying to coax users into installing a file downloading program called Ilivid, and every web page ive seen that is not directly connected with Ilivid warns that the program is dirty, that is it has virus malware etc in it


To say im vexxed is an understatement


Just thought people might like to know

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Re: blocked???

Working here.  (at least as far as the login screen, I didn't try further) 10:00am.