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BT Infinity Availability FAQs

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Since there are so many users posting about whether BT Infinity will be available to them soon/at all, I've decided to put together this short FAQ so that most people should be able to work out whether BT Infinity will be available to them in the near future. If there is any information you would like us to add, change, remove or update, feel free to contact us via the webform in my profile (under "about me") and we'll see what we can do.





If for whatever reason you can't find out any information at, keep reading...


  • First stop - - this will let you know straight away if you can receive service at the minute. Simply enter your landline telephone number, and if you see a message like this: 

 Our test also indicates that your line currently supports a fibre technology with an estimated WBC FTTC Broadband where consumers have received downstream line speed of X.XMbps and upstream line speed of X.XMbps. 


You're in luck! And you should be able to place an order via If your downstream estimate is over 15Mbps you'll be able to order BT Infinity. If not, you should be able to order "Faster Total Broadband Option 3", which still operates over the same fibre network that BT Infinity does but is not the same product.


If you see a message such as the one below:


Your cabinet is planned to have WBC FTTC by dd/mm/yyyy. Our test also indicates that your line currently supports a fibre technology with an estimated WBC FTTC Broadband where consumers have received downstream line speed of X.XMbps and upstream line speed of X.XMbps.


You should be able to place an order from this date, however again as they are indicative they are subject to change depending on various factors (engineering delays, exchange delays, rescheduling, etc.). Some examples of delays and the work involved can be found at this page:



  • Second stop - From Wednesday 29th August, specific cabinet information will be available on If, when you check your telephone number, the checkers are showing no indication of FTTC being available, check your postcode on this site and it should give details on why the cabinet has either been delayed or removed from deployment plans. All cabinets in the UK should have information available about them by 19th September so if you see no information straight away please wait until after this date before contacting us for more information. General FAQs can be found here:


If the above is no use to you, keep reading...



This should link to a page containing a number of lists with exchange activation dates. You'll be able to find your exchange name at the BT Wholesale ADSL Checker above (it may not necessarily be the one you live closest to!). Please note that these are only the dates that the exchange will have a minimum of 10 cabinets activated, and not everyone connected to this exchange will automatically be able to place orders from this date. Please also note that these dates are provided by Openreach, and are indicative so could change at any time (see above for examples).


If you do not see your exchange listed in any of the lists, then unfortunately your exchange is not currently planned to be upgraded to provide BT Infinity. If you see your exchange in the list but cannot see whether any FTTC service is available to you, feel free to contact us and we'll try to confirm exactly what is happening.




***As mentioned, these are only indicators and there may be some instances where specific details may not be available. Please also note that all dates are given by Openreach to BT Wholesale and then to us, they are indicative and are subject to change at any time.***




If you live in an apartment block or block of flats, can see no availability for FTTC/BT Infinity for your building but your local area/exchange has been enabled, you can approach Openreach via the forms below. They will then contact the owner of your building to try to come to an agreement on whether it would be feasible to install a fibre product to your building. - If you're a landlord/owner of an apartment building, fill out this form. - If you're a resident of an apartment building, you can fill this out yourself however your landlord/property owner will be contacted to discuss the proposal.


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