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BT Infinity Installation Complaint

I've been with BT internet for years, and recently upgraded to BT Infinity.


Whilst the internet service works fine, following the installation I've been left without a working connection to my home phone line whilst the internet is running.


If I disconnect the internet connection, and plug in just the phone, it works. But if I connect BT Infinity too, it ceases to work. So whenever the internet is on ...nobody can phone me, and I can't phone out.


Both my phone and internet connection previously worked fine running in tandem.


So basically the BT Engineer has not done a proper installation job as far as I'm concerned, leaving me without a workable home phone line when the internet is running.


Now...I have an enginner booked to come round on Thursday 14th Feb, however, was told by BT customer services "If its an issue found with the wiring/connections in your home it will be a £99 charge"!


Hang on?? it was all fine before the BT Engineer installed Infinity and fiddled with the wiring setup. Why should I have to pay £99 to fix HIS bodge job?


BT...sort this out please. I paid for the installtion service. I'm not paying another £99 for you to do it right this time.


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Re: BT Infinity Installation Complaint

Certainly sounds like a seriously wrong installation.  They should have left a filtered faceplate on the master socket with two outlets, one for the Infinity modem and one for the telephone, and they should both work at once.


There should be no charge.  Openreach are responsible up to and including the master socket; you are only responsible for wiring in your home after that master.


If you are really sure they didn't do that, best to contact the mods and get them to sort it for you.  at: .  But be aware they take 3 working days to reply: sometimes more if busy.   Shouldn't really be necessary to go via them, but having them involved early will help smooth out any issues if BT incorrectly try to charge you afterwards.



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Re: BT Infinity Installation Complaint

Thanks for the reply.


They certainly haven't installed what's in your photo, or anything similar. My concern is the enginner will probably roll up on Thurday and say there is no issue with their network (which I don't think there is) and its to do with the socket connection. Under BT's "terms and conditions" I wouldn't be surprised if they therefore try and charge me £99.


But the point all relates to in inadequate installation process. Regardless of where the fault lies, it was all working fine before BT Infinity was installed, so BT should be beholden to come and put it right.


I'll log the issue with the mods as you suggest. thanks again.

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Re: BT Infinity Installation Complaint

You might be able to get it temporarily working until the engineer comes and sorts it out for you. Have you another filter or dsl cable you can try? An image of the install would help.