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BT Speedtest site



I know to take speedtests with a pinch of salt but I was wondering about peoples experience with the BT test site

My profile is currently set to 38Mb d/l and 10Mb u/l and if I use or other test sites it typically shows around 33-35 d/l (pretty good) and 3-5 u/l (not so good). However the BT site typically shows d/l speeds of 4Mb-16Mb (never higher) and up to 8Mb u/l.

Which is most representative and/or accurate?



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Re: BT Speedtest site

It depends on what you mean by "accurate".  BT's tester shows the speed you are getting on your line, over BT's network.  It takes no account of the connection to the Internet.


The other speed testers run over the internet, so are more realistic of real-world conditions, but don't really tell you if a problem is your line, or the internet connection as a whole.

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Re: BT Speedtest site



That makes sense.

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Re: BT Speedtest site

BT openreach engineer's prefer using thats any can also try
Q. There is smoke coming out of my open reach box... so can I have a new one.
A. Sorry sir, The fault is showing at the exchange so your box should be ok.