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Connecting my Samsung Smart TV to HH3

Hi All,


I had Infinity installed at home 2 days ago.  All is well with download speed, connection to laptops, tablets, smartphones etc., but I have completely lost the ability to connect my Samsung Smart TV to the internet.  When I try to connect to the new network, the TV is unable to identify ANY networks, despite the fact that before the BT install, it recognised 5 or 6 from neighbours.  I called BT Help yesterday, and after trying a number of things including channel changes, restarting router, TV etc., I got absolutely nowhere. They then put me onto tech support, who said that they'd be able to solve it, but would need to send an engineer to me and charge me! Great customer service!!


Anyway, I am now stuck. I was with Orange previously and the TV connected instantly to my Netgear router without any problems. Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do to get reconnected?


Many thanks,



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Re: Connecting my Samsung Smart TV to HH3

You will have to reset the TVs network settings to default, then start again, as the BT Home hub used a different IP subnet to your old Orange router.

If you have problems, then manually set the TVs network settings to.

IP address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

DNS Server


I am assuming that you are connecting using an Ethernet cable?



Forumhelp (personal website) is back online with lots of useful info for BT customers. Some links may be out-of-date, but I will update them when I get time.