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Hmm speed seems to be up and down a lot .. more down than up

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Date Download Speed Upload Speed

Today 18:087559 kbps (945kB/s)4989 kbps (624kB/s)Share
Today 18:086986 kbps (873kB/s)4406 kbps (551kB/s)Share
Yesterday 16:5216287 kbps (2.04MB/s)7410 kbps (926kB/s)Share
Saturday 16:2310521 kbps (1.32MB/s)7575 kbps (947kB/s)Share
Saturday 14:0812147 kbps (1.52MB/s)6089 kbps (761kB/s)Share
Wednesday 17:5922603 kbps (2.83MB/s)8215 kbps (1.03MB/s)Share
Wednesday 17:5826243 kbps (3.28MB/s)8210 kbps (1.03MB/s)Share