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HomeHub 3 DNS



Id like to formally request the ability ,as per ever other router on the market, to change the DNS settings given out by the the router to DHCP clients. Ive heard the reasoning for having this locked is security a reason that hold little water in the real world .


So please BT do us a favour and add the option into the next firmware espically as since i came over to Infinity im getting times when some sites just are not accesseable , hell ive lost the abilikty to access google 3 times tonight across 2 laptops, whilst other sites work something i can only put down to DNS issues .


many thanks



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Re: HomeHub 3 DNS

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DHCP gives out the internal network IPs [192.168.xx.xx],and these can be set on each PC in the network if you don`t want them set by the router [HH].

But DNS is another story and that also can be changed [not on the HH3],but by setting DNS servers of your choice in your PC settings,which then overide any router DNS settings anyway.


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Re: HomeHub 3 DNS

Yes but it is a pain in the ass having to go into every device you own that connects to the network and change the DNS settings there, if it worked.

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Re: HomeHub 3 DNS

Why not use an alternative router, cable routers are cheap and plentiful, and most will allow you to change your DNS setting?


Its easier for BT to support a "locked down" router, as they don`t have to worry about things not working, due to user settings that have been changed.



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