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Junction box location for BT infinity

I want to get BT infinity and understand from the BT site that everthing is plumbed in via my main telephone junction box  which is connected to the BT junction box -  where the external wire physically comes into the house and the internal connection is made.


I want to relocate my main telephone junction box closer to a twin electrical socket I want to use for the modem.


From what I've seen in the furum I'm not allowed to alter the wiring into main BT box at the door, but have to have a BT engineer do it, so that new wiring and a new juction box can go where I want it to go.


BT's online ordering procedure does not offer the chance to request this be carried out at the same time that the engineer visits to make the infinity broadband connection and I don't want to have to arrange a second visit from

a BT engineer.


So, if I ask nicely, will the BT engineer run me a new internal cable for the BT junction box at the door, to the location I want, install the telephone and modem juntion, and then do the necessary to be infinity working.


Can anyone advise on this please.


Many Thanks



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Re: Junction box location for BT infinity

Yes, that should be part of the service. However, Openreach often sub-contract the work to Quinns or Kellys and they are not always so keen to do the proper job.
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Re: Junction box location for BT infinity

Thanks Ray, much appreciated.

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Re: Junction box location for BT infinity

[ Edited ]

"A friend of mines" master socket mysteriously moved one day, from his hallway to his study, using cable he had fitted himself in anticipation of Infinity being fittted. I was told be careful 50V-80V odd on the cables and BT uses "Scotchlok" crimps to join wires, so my friend told me. The incoming wires belong to OpenReach of course and you are not allowed to touch them.


OpenReach guy was initially confused when he removed the hallway plate, that it wasn't a master socket, but soon fitted the VDSL master plate in the study and all worked fine 79Mbs.