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Openreach Box, Do I have a problem?

When I first had infinity installed 2/7/13  All lights green. Net meter showed continuous signal

Away for  2 weeks since 29/7/13 have a problem flashing Lan1

29/7/13 - down load 300mb, ul 7.3mb all day and night.


For last 3 days still flashing Lan 1.


Hub 3 all blue lights.

Openreach box Lan1 green light flashes.

On Net meter I see spiky connection. 

Followed trouble shooting tests show good connection.


When I run a BT speed test on am ADSL cicuit,  Dl 27.24 mb, UL 7.8 mb, ping 55, second test 30.04,7.92,33.

WAN Status
Connection Information
Line state: Connected
Connection time: 0 days, 00:33:11

This shows last power cycle. and all tests rerun.


During test netmeter shows a continuous signal. then breaks up wih flashing light.

When I copy wifi data between computers, I get a continuous signal.


Have run rower cycle numerous times. Also swapped Lan cables, used Lan2 instead. The latter only get amber Broadband on Hub 3. Then power cycle with Lan1. No change.

Power cycle then no change.

  Have run


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Do I have a hardware problem?



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Re: Openreach Box, Do I have a problem?

LAN1 is constantly flashing on my Openreach modem. It's meant to do that, it's working correctly.

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Re: Openreach Box, Do I have a problem?