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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

"Not much good if you don't have a power socket near your BT socket. Back when my line was installed there was no concept of being able to connect anything which needed to be connected to the mains to the 'phone line, so I had them put it in the hall. Guess what I don't have in the hall. So if the choice is to rewire the house or get another company in who be happy to put their fibre in my living room, I know which I'm going to choose."


BT will install the Hub & modem upto 30m away from the master socket with a data extender kit.

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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

I had BT infinity installed just over a month ago.  Engineer said i was getting the full 40mb/sec down my line, but after testing for over a month now, the max i can get is 23mb/sec,  but majority of the time its crawling between 5Mb - 13Mb.


But that's not even the main issue i have.

My biggest problem with the Infinity broadband, from a personal experience is HOW UNSTABLE THE SPEED AND THE LINE ARE.


The main reason i switched from SKY to BT infinity was to get better gaming, but right now the lag, and connection problems (especially with gta4 - ps3)  has got WORSE,.... WAY WORSE!!!

now i cannot play online games on my ps3 without crazy stupidness happening online, due to the strange unstable / incompatible isp i just signed up to.

When i was with sky the online gameplay was smooth, other players cars weren't teleporting all over the place, and mind you, i only had 3.8M/sec download with sky.  now i've got 40mb/sec with BT online game play has been a nightmare, im not playing wirelessly, im actually playing via ethernet cable straight to the router.

Im gonna give BT a call on tuesday, but i have a good feeling they're going to talk nonsense (coz they truly don't have a clue themselves) and transfer my call round in circles. 

Im seriously thinking....WHY the heck did i leave SKY broadband, for this unstable/ gaming-incompatible BT infinity **bleep**???? (which im paying £25 / month for).


BT infinity: alright for downloading from internet,

               ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH FOR ONLINE GAMING. erratic gameplay, unstable connection to servers.

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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

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Yep, totally agree with what you are saying. I spent hours and many phone calls trying to get to bottom of why when I check my download/upload speed with and they tell me my max d/l speed is 8-9 mbs, my old ISP Pipex was 6 mbs with an uncapped download limit. I was originally  phoned by BT and THEY asked if I would like 30 mbs Infinity broadband...well, yes I said and the process started, since then the advertised speeds have come down to 20Mbs - I am told it was a boasted 40 mbs at the start - obviously they can't deliver that either!  My BB was connected a couple of weeks later and 2 Openreach engineers turned up and tested the line with (believe it or not) at 17.8 Mbs not the BT recommended speedtest site. Well, as you can guess gaming is rubbish as the speed goes up and down like a yo-yo and to cap it all, as my lounge phone doesn't ring in now, the engineers, I was told on my 3 rd call to support, were not actually BT installers - just some contractors who install their lines who drive a BT van wearing BT sweatshirts! Tosh!


My actual speed right now is 8.53Mbs but the support guys keep giving me the BS and say that their system says my line is 38 Mbs and I am to ignore the sites I use to test speeds because they are not 'reliable' ...I've never laughed so much!


SO what do I do? Each month I sit and watch the usage meter shoot up to my 40 Gb limit (I've even stopped browsing so much now as it all adds up too quickly) I was going to go with Unlimited BB but I just don't see the point giving them more money with a cr*p service.


Yeah I'm an unhappy dude. Can't wait for the contract to finish as I'm not going to renew! any good ISP  here we come!

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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

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I'm just in the process of switching from Virgin 20 to Infinity unlimited.


Virgin @ ~19Mb/s  and <12ms ping has been fine but the upload is low and I often work from home for my convenience so spend much time waiting for apps to sync. The joy of VPN hosted network apps and citrix framework.


Anyhow Virgin aren't upgrading til the end of the year while BT offer 10Mb up. Worth a punt but having read hundreds of posts with unhappy users I was a little concerned.


Installed this morning and so far so good. Some variability in speed tests. The official BT speed check has been as low as 14Mbps /6Mbps with giving me as little as 8Mbps / 4Mbps to Manchester.


A scan on finds Maidenhead to be the best server ping wise and that has been 37Mbps / 8Mbps throughout despite the low results I've had from BT and manchester... just a few miles away. I guess it's an issue of the backhaul and where the data is moving too and from.


In terms of use, comparing the two back to back Infinity seems far snappier. Pages load quicker and I'm not waiting for a few images. With virgin, I always get good speedchecker results and downloads from M$oft etc but when generally web browsing it's never sharp. Almost as if it takes a while for all the different bits of the page to arrive before you can scroll around. Infintity is much snappier, especially with chrome, it feels more instant.


I'm in quite  a Virgin stronghold since ADSL2+ here is 4km from the exchange so 2-4Mbps at best. The engineer said I'm only the second in the cabinet for Infinity, which for reference is approx 20m from my front door.


So far, so good for me, just hope it lasts.


Speeds are very variable but it seems to rely heavily on where the data is coming from rather than the actual line speed which is the main reason for this post.


The official BT line checker is poor at peak times, I get far better readings from thinkbroadband, (depending on which server) and


I guess it's a matter of which results to trust.......




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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

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Smiley Surprisedbt  support is  sh.t

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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

Well some interesting posts in this thread for sure Smiley Happy


 Thought I'd resurrect this thread as I am again thinking of switching. My personal circumstances after I posted here a couple of years back, meant I avoided switching to B.T in the end, as signing an 18 month contract was a big risk.


 I had told Virgin I was leaving, and at the last minute they told me they woud match B.T's price but not tie me to a new contract, so I accepted and they left me on that discount up until now. But now they want me to sign a 12 month contract if I want a new discount.


 Main problem I am having with them is over utilisation, and also dire usenet speeds of an evening. My 100meg connection drops to around 30 during the evening, and usenet is a really poor 300-400k!!!


 Had enough of them lying about upgrades and whatnot. But also nervous - still - of signing an 18 month contract with B.t and finding them to be just as bad. I'm kinda hoping that here where I live in Fallowfield (Manchester) that B.T still doesn't have anywhere near as many customers as Virgin do and so utilisation isn't an issue.

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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

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I have had Infinity since October 2010. Not had any problems at all. To be fair do not use Infinity for gaming, newsgroup etc. but i personally have no problems in signing long term contracts with BT.

My exchange is not many miles from you in Oldham.

Also arranged Infinity for my daughters new house - she too is on the same exchange, again no problems.
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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

I've had Infinity since June last year, I've had no issues apart from a brief spell of dodgy DNS servers which I resolvd by moving to OpenDNS.  My son reports no problems with online gaming - however his main usage is World of Warcraft so YMMV.


Speeds are steady at 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.  We're a wireless household for convenience and tidiness, however I've tried wired connections and on my network they're no faster so I don't feel I'm missing anything.


Interestingly I've just spent the week staying with friends who can't get Infinity but do have an 8 Mbps ADSL connection.  Browsing on their network, with four other users online at the same time, was not noticeably slower than using my own Infinity setup !

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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

If you've got a dodgy line, don't bother, they will not repair it.


All the best

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Re: People's experience with Infinity?

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Here's my experience with Infinity.


Around 3 months ago I've moved into a house. I already had Infinity in my apartment I was moving from, but due to the account not being in my name, that had to be cancelled down and I started from scratch completely. Declined home move as it won't work. No problems. Placed my order over the phone, adviser was helpful. Got an installation date.


Now, since I have quite a lot of call centre experience, and have worked for BT in a sense too, I never shout down the phone, cussing the adviser with every bad word there is and then some I literally come up with on the spot. Give them time to do everything properly and don't pressure them with your obnoxious attitude. I've learned this the hard way while being on the other end of the...microphone. And will it pay off in the end...


So, back to the Infinity. I move inside my new home. I try to find the master socket, and plan out the wiring. Only found a virgin socket. Checked every possible room, bunch of TV boxes, no BT. **bleep**, I thought. Then I go into my hallway, look through the window of my front door, no telephone pole outside. Alright, so it's an underground cable then. I take a look again and low and behold: some genius has put the BT box (not a master socket though, just a box with the cable) behind a radiator. Amazing. Engineer appointment tomorrow early in the morning, and it's 8pm now.


The morning, the Engineer phones in and tells me that he'll be there in 10 mins, just needs to do some work in the exchange. Alrighty. So, the engineer comes. I tell him the problem. Guess what his answer was? Yeah, a logical one: not his fault or the fault of BT. Nothing they can do to get me up and running. So he leaves, but has put it on his report to OR that I would try to get the radiator removed. And so after some tinkering, it's off, but the entire day has been wasted. I phone BT again, the adviser was once again very helpful. The next available installation date was almost 2 months away, I have asked politely if there's anything else she can do as I need to get this up and running as soon as possible, even though it's not the fault of BT at all, put me on hold for around 3 minutes, wham, my installation date is going to take place after 2 weeks. Awesome. As much as I hated that **bleep** call centre, it did teach me something else and it paid off.


2 weeks down the road, Engineer calls, confirms his attendance, arrives within an hour or so. Guy really looked tired and to be honest, I have no idea why he was still doing this, as he was old enough for to go on a pension! (and after having a chat, that's what he was planning to do that week Smiley Very Happy). So anyways, installation took a while as the wires seemed to be damaged inside the box, he replaced them, then I've told him where I'd like the socket to be installed (room upstairs), he ran down the new cable, new socket installed, and bham: 75mb/s download, 15mb/s upload, which is slightly more than I was promised and also faster than in the apartments, even when the apartment block was really close to the exchange.


Fast forward 3 months ahead, no problems with the service. No problems with Infinity. A slight problem with the phone, but I'm sure it's my phone screwing around...