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Wireless connection speed


    Ok Bt infinity installed   1 wired connection and 2 wireless. One wireless on a g series adaptor  getting max 36Mbps  connection  used to be 54 max On 6mb Aol connection.  Other wireless laptop with built in adaptor   only getting max connection speed  54Mbps  on N series connection  used to be 130Mbps.

      Connection on wired 100Mbps. Bottom line does this mean Bt Hub is Rubbish  ??

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Re: Wireless connection speed

[ Edited ]

if u are using the wireless  b/g/n option to allow all to connect and are using wireless g devices at same time as n devices etc then the wireless dumbs down to the g speeds or there abouts for the n device.


the speed of your aol connection  6mb has nothing to do with it


i presume u have changed routers to HH2 or HH3  u may have had a stronger/better signal from other router


u can use any router thats has a wan port and supports pppoe with infinity connected to the modem


to really rule out any difference between the routers u should do throughput tests and make sure they are both setup the same eg wireless b/g/n and the same chanel and swap them over


there are more complicated and acurate testing software outthere but u can do a simple test transfer a file back and forth from your win 7 machine and click more details to get an estmated speed