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1 sim not working 4g family plan unlimited

Hi all. Have 5 sims on unlimited everything family package. 

4 sims for our phones & 5th for data at home (was due fibre but BT cancelled as blocked ducts & nothing else works). All worked fine for 6 months or so. 

Friday, sim can't connect says "wrong profile" (checked & it's fine even created new one & still no luck) , I can watch it flash up a 3g connection then no signal. Every other sim working perfectly, no emails, messages, warnings by email or in my BT account to suggest the issue. 

Ordered a new sim in case that was faulty but same fault, tried sim in 3 different devices fault follows sim.

Tried calling but between not actually making calls for disability reasons & schooling kids & it's been a long queue when I've tried & had to give up. I've not managed to get hold of anyone at BT.

Anyone have anyone have any ideas other than something at BT's end? I think I've ruled all my kit out given sim & hardware swaps. 

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