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Adding Family SIM user to account

I am the account holder and myself, my husband and daughter all have Family SIMs set up. I have received an email about the BT Mobile app ending at the end of the month and everybody needing to view their usage via My BT instead so I'm trying to sort out now. I am the amount holder and can see everyone's usage in My BT but they need to manage their own activities. My daughter shows as an 'other user' when I log into my account and has been able to set up My BT successfully. My husband currently accesses his usage via BT Mobile without any problem and has a BT ID for which he has re-set the password but when he tries to set up My BT he just gets an error message and he doesn't show as an 'other user' in the account either. 

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give on this. There was a link in the email but it doesn't cover this and there was another link from a link which was meant to be a step by step guide and it won't open.



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