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Re: After updating Galaxy S9 to android 9 WiFi calling no longer works


Yep - I came to the same conclusion.  Pie has messed up with when the phone thinks the VoWiFi link is stable in some way, so keeps dropping where Oreo was stable.  Doesn't seem to be any real way around.  I agree that flight mode is the best route - then my VoWifi stays stable.  Rather than try to remember, I use Automagic and built rules to tell me if I disconnect from the home wifi but still have flight mode enabled.  The pain is that you should be able to set and unset flight mode automatically (e.g. when connecting to the home wifi, enabled flight mode), but for some obscure reason, google changed this setting to be root only a while back, so if your phone's rooted, you can do it, but for unrooted phones, the best you can do is display a message.

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