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BT Minihub faulty? Or am I doing something wrong - Help please

Hi everyone

A friend of mine gave me a BT Minihub with unknown history. Just the one device.
I'm seeing if I can get it to work.

In the most simplest manner possible . . .

I plugged the Minihub into the wall and powered it on.
I've seen the hub in my Wifi list on my laptop, and have tried to connect to it.
I connect to it OK, but it does not give me a valid IP address, nor gateway information . . . therefore I cannot communicate with it.

I have reset the device using a pin - The problem still remains. It does not give my laptop an IP address.

My technical knowledge leads me to suspect that either:
a) It's faulty . . . or
b) It doesn't operate as a DHCP server and relies on another hub on the network to do that (which I currently do not have).

Could the MiniHub be added to an existing Powerline network to give wifi access? Possibly from another manufacturer or other device than BT's?

Could anyone offer any help, advice or opinion, please?
Thank you

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