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BT Mobile Coverage


I just received my BT Mobile sim.

The web site says the coverage in my area is excellent.

But I have 0 to 1 bar on my phone and sometimes I can make a call; but most of the times I can not.

This is ridiculous. This is just misdirecting people. You are basically lying about your coverage.

Tomorrow first thing I will call BT to cancel my mobile package.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Mobile Coverage

As bt Use EE then it must also be a problem for people on EE

for people like you why not use wifi calling assuming your phone is capable

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Re: BT Mobile Coverage


The coverage checker like all the one all mobile networks use is only a guide on what the expect the coverage to be like, and can not guarantee coverage indoors as they dont know the structure of your home.

But you can do a few things to check that this isnt a temporary issue.. 

Check your post code on the Network checker that your local mast is not having any issues 

BT/EE Network Checker

Look to see if your handset supports wifi calling

BT Wifi calling

And if you have just joined BT Mobile you should have the cooling off period if you wish to cancel before its too late.

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