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BT Plus 4Gb data boost has disappeared from my 2 family SIMs

Long tale of woe here.

I signed up to a new contract in March this year which included 2 x family SIMs @ 4Gb data, plus the BT Plus 4Gb data boost which took the total monthly data for each SIM to 8Gb.

I had some problems with my TV box / router, both of which were replaced in May thanks to the efforts of Mods here in the forums.

Unfortunately, (I found this out from talking to Jane in BT tech support a couple of weeks ago) the process of replacing the TV box and router for some reason meant that my contract / order was deleted, or updated incorrectly, meaning that the application of the data boost was somehow lost. I became aware of this only when my son reported his 4g had stopped working, and I found from looking at my package and usage, that his allowance had reduced to  only 4Gb per month rather 8Gb. The same problem exist on both of the family SIMs.

Jane troubleshooted this issue and raised a support call internally on 11th July which should have resulted in the databoosts being restored within 5 days.

This has not happened, and I am now unable to get through to anyone at BT tech support (01324 452276).

The monthly usage reset on 18th July, now showing as 5Gb on one account and 4 Gb on the other. Jane had arranged for a free 1Gb add-on to get my son connected again, I don't know if this is where the 5Gb allowance for the current month has come from.

So once again I am turning to the Mods in this forum for help.

I need the 8Gb data on both SIMs restoring, as per the contract I have agreed.

Please can a Mod get in to help with this?




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Re: BT Plus 4Gb data boost has disappeared from my 2 family SIMs

Hi @MrJolly  sorry that this was not fixed within the 5 days it normally takes the Mobile time to fix this problem. I've sent you a Private message explaining how you can contact the forum moderation team and we will chase this up for you. 
Check here:


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