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BT deactivated my sim, need a PAC to change provider

We decided to downgrade our bt broadband as it was coming up time for renewal and we wanted to have a cheaper deal. so we asked  change to Fibre 1 on renewal date. there was about 1 week to go before renewal. on our old deal we have bt mobile, but as reception is bad in our area we decide to change to another provider at the end of our contract. when we tried to get a PAC we found our sim was deactivated. my wife was on the phone for about 3 hours getting passed to different departments trying to find out why we were cut off as the first contract had not expired. she was told that our sim had been deactivated that day! and we had been switched to fibre 1. just wondering if BT will be able to switch on our sim so we can get a PAC. as its only been a day we are hoping BT can help us as we have had the mobile number for over 10 years

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Re: BT deactivated my sim, need a PAC to change provider

Situation here maybe a little different but not that much:

If you've already cancelled your previous contract and didn't get a PAC code, it's still worth contacting your old network to see if they'll issue you one.

Depending on how long ago you cancelled the contract, you might still be able to get a PAC code to move your old number to the new network.'ve%20a...

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