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BT mobile abroad - not getting my full allowance.

I have a BT mobile contract with 20GB allowance. I've Just been informed that when abroad, I will be charged anything over 15GB

Is this yet another scam. What is the reason for this ? And why does it say that in my image. ?



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Re: BT mobile abroad - not getting my full allowance.

Hi @joebhoy,

You can find out more by taking a look at the FAQ section on - Roam Like Home

You can use your data allowance in any Roam Like Home country. But if your plan gives you 20GB or more of data each month, a surcharge may be applied if you use more than 15GB in one billing cycle when roaming in our Roam Like Home countries. You can find out more about the surcharge in our tariff guide.



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Re: BT mobile abroad - not getting my full allowance.

 What does 'MAY' charge you mean. Thats a bit vague. ?

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Re: BT mobile abroad - not getting my full allowance.


The terms say..

The EU Mobile Roaming regulations allow us to operate a fair use policy that applies in the following situations

When you’re data roaming in any of the destinations in the table above, if your SIM Only, Family SIM or Handset plan includes a data allowance of 20GB or more, and you use more than our fair use policy allowance of 15GB of data in one monthly billing period, we’re allowed to charge you a surcharge if you carry on roaming in these destinations. If you go overboth our fair use policy and the data allowance for your SIM Only, Family Sim or Handset plan, we can charge you both the out of plan charge for data and the surcharge for breakingour fair use policy. We’ll warn you before you go over the fair use policy limit and when you reach the limit.

Roam like at home is intended for use if you live or are usually based in the UK and you mainly use the BT Mobile service in the UK. In particular, if you’ve been roaming in any of the “roam like at home” destinations in the table above for more than half of any 4 month period, we may decide that you do not have a stable link to the UK and we can ask you to explain the reasons for your roaming usage. If we do this, we will contact you and tell you what sort of proof we need to satisfy ourselves that you’re using roaming as intended e.g. occasional rather than regular or permanent usage. You’ll have 14 days to contact us. If you don’t contact us or if we don’t think that your explanation for your use of roaming is reasonable, wemay charge you a surcharge in addition to your use of your allowance and any out of bundle charges you incur, until we are satisfied that you are using roaming as we would expect. In these circumstances, the roaming charges which may be applied are detailed here. We will lift the surcharges as soon as we are satisfied that your roaming usage matches our expectation for a consumer with a stable UK link. Where we have reason to believe that you have re-sold UK SIM cards to anyone not living in or with stable links to the UK, we may, in line with the BT Mobile Service terms and conditions, suspend service on those SIM cards until we are satisfied that you have not used the BT Mobile service in an unauthorised way