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Cannot activate my 5th family sim...

I am getting really frustrated at the moment.

As a family we have 4 family sims which we have been using now for a few years.  My youngest daughter just started high school a couple of days ago and so I had decided to order her a family sim rather than continue with her O2 pay as you go sim.  Just to be clear her phone is definitely unlocked.  The sim was ordered on 23 August and arrived on 27 August.  I didn't get around to trying to activate it until yesterday evening after work.

I then followed all the instructions to activate the sim by going to  I checked the box to confirm that the sim is unlocked but when I clicked activate sim I got the following message:

'Sorry you have no SIMs to activate at the moment. This could be because your order's still in progress.'

I have tried numerous time again and always get the same message.

Last night around 8 I had a live chat with BT and was told that it would all be sorted and working by midnight - this didn't happen.

I then have just had another live chat and this time have been told:

'I have checked and found that our team is working on your order and your order is still in progress and expected to be completed on 05/09/18.'

This is ridiculous but my biggest concern is that come 5th September it still won't be working!  reading through this forum it doesn't fill me with much confidence...

Also when I read my email following the order from BT I am told that:

'We'll then start charging you for this from 29-Aug-2018, unless you activate your SIM earlier.'

My daughter is going through that difficult process of making new friends and they all want her phone number which I had told her to wait until after the weekend and she coud give them her new number, but now she's going to have to go back to her old pay+go sim, which we are now also going to have to add money to.

This should be a simple process - it always has been with every other phone or sim I've ever bought - and when there are problems the least I expect is honesty and information you can trust...

I have everything with BT - landline, TV and 4(hopefully soon 5) mobile sims!


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Re: Cannot activate my 5th family sim...

Hi @RichardLogan

Thanks for posting. Ocassionally the order process gets stuck, which maybe the reason why the system is not allowing you to activate. When this is noticed it is passed on to another team to manually amend the order and/or have it closed to allow activation in some instances its refered to the back office team to resolve any issues. This can take upto 6 days but normally sooner, I would keep trying early next week, and if its not resolved call and chase the mobile team.

In regards to billing, normally this starts when you activate your SIM. But if for any reason you are charged again speak to the mobile team or pop back and we can try and help get any charges sorted. But its important to get it connected before worrying about the charge Smiley Happy

Pop back and let us know how you get on...

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Re: Cannot activate my 5th family sim...

Firstly Dean, thanks for your reply to my original message...
As requested here’s a little update...
Sim is still not activated. I have spoken to BT twice this week. The first time was on Tuesday and I was told that there is a stuck order or issue but that the timeframe to have it fixed and the sim activated was Tuesday evening so to try on Wednesday morning, which I did unsuccessfully. Called again on Thursday and was told that an open order etc usually takes up to 5 days and as it was requested to be manually closed on Monday it would be sorted by the start of this weekend. It hasn’t been. Also the first time I called BT was the Friday before this past week so not sure where the Monday request to close the open order came from.
Sadly non of this is surprising me, both from my own experience in the past and also from what is being said online.
I have now had to top up my daughters O2 payg sim. She was down to 38p and now we had to add the minimum of £10 - but guess what they gave her an extra £15!!! Now I’m almost hoping BT take their time so she can use this all up first!!! But seriously, surely it shouldn’t have to be this difficult?!
Just hoping this is a more successful week!!!?
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