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Changing Plan - Maintains Existing Contract on choices

I’ve been out of contract since December therefore my account is on a 30 days rolling contract. 

There are various upgrade options available through My BT>Change Plan, some say 12 month minimum term and some say maintains existing contract. If I choose a maintain existing contract plan would this continue to be 30 days rolling?

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Re: Changing Plan - Maintains Existing Contract on choices

no  maintain existing contract is really keep same package but you will need a fixed term contract  as you are on rolling 30 days you are paying full price as any discount has ceased and therefore agreeing a new contract should reduce your cost

you can try options team and see what they offer 0800800030  they are uk

didn't notice this was just a mobile contract and not broadband package

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Re: Changing Plan - Maintains Existing Contract on choices

Hi @orozz

Indeed it would, Changes to mobile plans take effect from the next billing date. Due to upgrading to plus, I’ve downgraded my plan and it maintained my out of contract status. Based on what @imjolly has said it maybe worth calling but for me the only thing that changed was my allowance. 

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