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Charges for out of contract (mobile)

How can BT get away with continuing to charge the full contract price on a  phone + data contract after the contract has ended. Apparently they " Don't have to notify the customer" at the end of contract. Has anyone else been ripped off like this or am I the only one

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Re: Charges for out of contract (mobile)

At the moment there is no legal requirement to notify customers that their minimum term contract has come to an end. Many other companies also do not notify you at the end of a minimum term contract. 

See link

Assuming you want to stay with BT you would need to contact BT and either try to negotiate a better price or go onto a sim only contract.

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Re: Charges for out of contract (mobile)

For handset prices you pay a fixed amount for a minimum duration, which is 2 years, It's confirmed when placing the order and then you get a letter or email depending on your preference for your records, you don't have a separate cost for the equipment and another for the allowance, It's one price.

After 2 years it's up to you to contact your provider and negotiate a new deal, either by taking a new handset or switching to a sim only tariff, BT do have an outbound team that contact customers but not everyone can be contacted and if your marketing preference doesn't give consent, you won't be put in the dialing list.

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Re: Charges for out of contract (mobile)

Hi Keith,

You can upgrade your Handset to a new one from 3 months before the end of your contract or move to a SIM Only product within the last month.

If you login to your MyBT account or go to the BT APP - you should see a yellow banner stating that you are eligible for an upgrade. This would have been visible from 3 months before the end of your contract.

Simply follow the link in the banner to see the Upgrade deals available for handsets.  If you want to move to a SIM Only product then you will need to call an advisor who can place an order for you.


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