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Data roaming abroad

I have in the past had issues with using data roaming while abroad when using my OnePlus 6T Android phone. Setting up a new APN solved this issue temporarily back in 2018/2019. However when I travelled last (February 2022) I could no longer use data abroad and I also am not able to create a new APN. I'm due to travel again in a few weeks and would like to sort this issue once and for all, but it's really hard to troubleshoot when I am not abroad.

I have mobile data and data roaming enabled. My current APN has the following details:

Name: BT Internet
APN: everywhere
Username: eesecure

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Data roaming abroad

Have you also set your international spend limit to greater than £0 say £5. You need this even when using data roaming

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Re: Data roaming abroad

Just an observation, both myself have iPhone 11s and use the BT Network. Like others we found we could not access the Internet in France, however we found that if my wife used my phone as a hotspot she could access the Internet, likewise if I connected to hers (even while she was connected to mine) I also could access the Internet, can anyone explain that!!!!

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