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Data roaming not working properly

Currently in Italy and trying to connect to data roaming. Where we are staying, the only provider is vodafone IT (but elsewhere other providers are TIM and Iliad, which we can connect to just fine) and our phones will not connect most of the time, just saying No Service or stuck in an infinite ‘Searching’ loop. The weird thing is that it will sometimes connect but as soon as we lose connection it we won’t be able to get it for a few days, saying ‘No Service’ again. I have tried going into settings and manually as well as automatically selecting a network but to no avail, as well as looking into my device profiles, selecting 3G/4G and turning on roaming in My BT. I have missed several important business emails because of this and my son is unable to contact his friends, please help!


On an iPhone XR (iOS 13.6) and iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 14 public beta 4)

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