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EE/BT Mobile mis-selling

I don't know whether to make a complaint or not. So basically I switched all my services to BT (Added full fibre BT Broadband 100) from Vodafone but had a BT landline and BT Mobile family plan.
Every person I've spoken to from Ordering Broadband to merging the accounts so I would get the discount for having both Broadband and mobile and soon migrating to Digital Voice has bombarded me into moving my BT Mobile lines to EE with a similar deal.
The last person I spoke to made a claim saying that you don't get the same network coverage with BT Mobile as EE, but if I signed up to "The best of both worlds" I would get both BT and EE coverage.
This is ridiculous because BT Mobile runs on the EE network and I haven't noticed any difference in network coverage, the only difference I do know is that EE pay as you go customers don't get access to EE's 5G but other than that BT and EE network coverage are the same.
Another thing was I'd have to change all the sim cards and then having 2 bills/payments one from BT and one from EE and the advisor even told me that the inclusive minutes that let you call BT Mobile's from BT landlines with the 500/700 minutes calling plan would still apply calling EE numbers, I know for a fact this is not true as well.
What are BT up to and why are the advisors so pushy into moving BT Mobile customers to EE even if it involves telling lies to customers?
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Re: EE/BT Mobile mis-selling

I'm not really sure what your complaint is but if you feel you've been misled then you should speak to customer services and see what they can do for you.

If you have times and dates of the calls their complaints team will be able to listen to those calls.

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Re: EE/BT Mobile mis-selling

Hi yes I have all the times and dates. Well the fact that the advisor kept saying you get better network coverage with EE than you do on BT because with EE you get coverage from BT and EE is misleading. It's the same network. 

The advisor just wouldn't take no for an answer and he didn't complete the request I called up for in the first place. He then persisted on calling back 5 times that day and even sent an email. 

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