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Inept and belaboured customer service

Having been a customer of BT for over 3 years i had hoped that requesting to move a family member's mobile number from EE ( a BT relationship) to my BT account would be simple and straightfoward. How wrong could i be.....

Starting with Wendy in Warrington on February 27th - i was clear in my request - please mail me one new SIM so my family member could join my account. She repeated the order and said it would be in the First Class mail - due to arrive by Friday March 1st.

Ok - the SIM was late and arrived Saturday - that's ok. But BT have sent 2 SIMs. The fun really starts - i make over 5 calls on Saturday March 2nd to discuss why 2 SIMs and when can the move take place. The calls are either ended by BT (Mark in South Shields and one other operator) or the responses are 'don't know'. They all are poorly trained in providing answers to the full porcess of porting a number across to BT - they can all recite the BT script in front of them and read what i can see on my BT account page online - however none can tell me when the number will be ported or why i was sent 2 SIMs

I provide the PAC code and finally Holly of Exeter on Saturday night seems quite helpful - although she does not mention that i cannot cancel my second SIM until the order is closed. At no point does anyone tell me what needs to be done for the order to be closed. She closes the call by saying the porting of the number will occur on March 6th.

On March 5th i call to follow up yet again to discuss how to cancel the 2nd SIM. Andre knows nothing in spite of reading the account history and cannot help. At 19.00 i contact Shelley in Warrington - very helpful and understands which SIM is to be kept and which to cancel. At this point the new mobile is working on my account and Shelley says because of systems i need to call the value team on March 6 to cancel the 2nd SIM

March 6 Anita does not understand and says she will transfer me to the value team - i end up with Sales. I call back - Gabriel puts me on hold for 28 minutes to discuss with someone and comes back with no update. Says i am to call the next day to check on cancellation

March 7 i call back - i am told the order 'is stuck' and that has delayed it. At this point i decide the service is less than professional and will not call again

March 7 Eric from BT calls me - says there will be an update later, sorry for the delay. But the order is yet to be closed off so he can do nothing

March 7 Chris calls at 17.30 stating the order is now closed but this will not show on the account immediately. he passes me to Neil in the Value Team - who explains his colleagues in India take a while to process orders and they really do need quite a bit of training to get processes correct. he provides an ID number (not that he told me what good it would do me) and said i didn't need to do anything else - all was resolved

March 8 text from Riya at 10.24am - why do you want to cancel and please let us know by reply text if they can speak to me to discuss. I text back immediately stating 'please call me immediately to discuss' Still waiting.....

It beggars belief that such a simple request creates such a morass of ineptitude and lack of customer care. More importantly the complete waste of BT resources - this has taken me over 4 hours of calling/being put on hold/ listeneing to BT scripts and for what? An open order that cannot be resolved. Perhaps BT should invest in training such as American Express - where the customer is valued and the issues are resolved with least amount of effort and time, saving BT countless hours in phone responses.

I look forward to your review of my call and text history and then your response





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Re: Inept and belaboured customer service

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Inept and belaboured customer service

Hi @Trim,

I am so sorry to read about everything that has happened. It should have been a straight forward process. I have sent you a private message so that we can do our best to help you. It will give you information on how you can reach us.



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