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Irritation in Switzerland

Here in Switzerland it appears that BTs preferred network is Sunrise Communications which BT sends a 'welcome to Switzerland' message every time you log on to it.


However when it loses that signal the mobile roams onto Swisscom and every time that happens I get a 'welcome to Liechtenstein' message. This happens throughout the day resulting in constant 'welcome to Switzerland' and 'welcome to Liechtenstein SMS messages. My wife gets the same behaviour on her phone. The constant messages are distracting to say the least.


Clearly BT have got Swisscom Switzerland network confused with Swisscom FL Liechtenstein on their system, which thinks we are constantly crossing the border. Is there any way BT can correct their system to correctly distinguish between the CH and FL Swisscom variants and prevent SMS madness for customers visiting Switzerland?


PS. We did enter Switzerland via Liechtenstein so I don't know whether that has confused things....


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