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Is there a push to recontract BT sims to EE?

I have 5 sims on the family contract, all renewing in December. I called BT mobile and got a very helpful lady who talked through the options. Three of the five sims have unlimited data (100GB plan) and the other two want (not need) the comfort of unlimited.

I'd seen that EE Smart plans that have Halo 3+ get unlimited data so I enquired about that, she seemed very keen on moving me to that type of plan, after some research I signed up for it. It required upgrading to 3+ (only about £3) and the sims were a bit more expensive but the benefits (Apple music etc) would mean it would work out cheaper by cancelling Spotify.

Is this a BT plan that we all migrate to EE eventually?

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Re: Is there a push to recontract BT sims to EE?

BT seem to be reducing the handsets available on BT Mobile and pushing customers to EE lines so it seems that way.


There's only 4 handsets available to BT-M customers all of which are 4G. 


The SIMO deals are pretty reasonable though.

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Re: Is there a push to recontract BT sims to EE?

They're repositioning BT Mobile as a budget option but making EE widely available for BT customers who want more advanced phones or packages. 

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Re: Is there a push to recontract BT sims to EE?


My port of my 5 sims didn't go well so I backed out and stayed with BT. 

They only sent me 4 EE sims, I had a number of BT emails giving me PAC codes and then others canceling the PAC codes. I spent hours on the phone with EE trying to get this sorted and there were too many red flags and I wasn't confident I would retain the numbers (somewhat based on the the process not being seamless).

I was going across on the EE Smart Plan, BT say that EE customers with HALO 3+ and EE sims get unlimited data, I was going across on the 150GB package but was told that once that limit had been exceeded then they would slow the connection down. Yes I know it's a lot but a couple of the sims use their mobiles as broadband.

I have to say both the BT and EE support were excellent, short wait times, extremely helpful and all with a positive attitude.