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Re: Keep my number port gone wrong!


The moderation team are fairly busy at the moment but will deal with your issue as soon as it gets to the top of the list, if they havent already.

The process of of adding a number to a sim sounds easy enough, but it will take a little work. They will have to recover your lost number, apply it to the system so it can be added to a sim and then do a number swap.

The mods will be able to check up on the status and help just as soon as they can.


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Re: Keep my number port gone wrong!

Hi @Ryan1709 I called earlier on the contact number provided; sorry I missed you. 

I've checked and can see that the BT Mobile offline team are working to fix the issues and have placed a port order which should complete tomorrow. Once that is completed they will then fix the plans. They should be in touch with you tomorrow to update your on these issues. Please keep the thread updated and I'm sure they will resolve these issues for you very soon. 



Community ModeratorJohnC
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