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Managing Voicemail on BT Mobile

I thought I should share some information given to me on Monday by the very helpful customer service team (Sam & Lauren) in Warrinton office.

I have struggled with my phone switching over to voicemail simply due to the fact that I cou;ld not get out of my pocket or it was in another room. This was further complicated when I tried to return the call and found that their phone was engaged becuse they were recording a message. Tried a few occasions to get the delay in voicemail switching in but found noone to help, until Monday tha is.

The code I needed is; **61*07953222222**30#   The last two digits refer to a delay of 30 seconds, mine was set at ten. Thirty may be the maxium delay but I have not attempted to try and increase this.

I also have been given codes for swithing voicemail on and off; 15710 is OFF & 15711 is ON.

Thank goodness BT have now realised that off-shore call centres are unable to provide this sort of help I experienced on Monday when I spoke to Sam and Lauren.