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Mistaken BT_mobile Text about new sim

I haven't made any changes to my mobile contract but I'm getting the following msg from BT_mobile

"Welcome to BT Mobile. You can start using your 1000 minutes, 1000 Texts, and 50GB data a month as soon as your SIM arrives"

As well as today "Hello its BT again. Not arranged to keep your old number? Theres still time" etc etc with a link

I didnt trust the link so I tested it but the report came back as being the bt home domain so im presuming its legit.


Funny thing is I haven't requested a new sim nor has one arrived. My account is also not showing any changes.


The only thing Ive recently done is add a 3gb monthly sim to an affiliated bt broadband contract for my other half but that has nothing to do with my phone or my phones account. Its also all sorted and finished so shouldnt be related to that.


Any ideas?




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