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Mobile App Suggestions

Like most people on BT Mobile I have downloaded the app and use it to monitor my usage.


Why does it always check for updates on first starting. I've never had it download an update except with the usual updates overnight as most apps tend to do. It's worrying that just starting it might cause it to start an update downloading who knows how much data off my contract as it checks for updates when I'm out as well as when I'm at home. Can this be changed so it only checks for updates when on wi-fi?


I get a warning that I'm almost at the end of my mobile data limits. My accoutn resets on the 19th and I have 79 Meg left out of 500. Surely it would be better to have a warning that says at current average daily usage you'll exceed your limit by this date or that date.


Just a couple of thoughts.

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Re: Mobile App Suggestions

You should be able to set the phone only to download updates via wifi. It will still check for updates via mobile data but the data used will be tiny.

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