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Mobile Data not working.

I received my BT sim through the post a few days ago, and started using it straight away, everything working fine (mobile data, calls, texts). I then decided to transfer my old number to my BT contract, to avoid having to contact people with a new number. This all worked fine, however my phone will not connect to mobile data, and shows no 4G, H+, 3G or other notifications when I turn on mobile data. I've tried everything I can think of (APN, switching to the correct service providers, and even tried a factory reset- lost all data and had to start again) and it still doesn't seem to be working. All I can think of is that because I've used the mobile data on the old number there's been a problem activating it on the new number. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Mobile Data not working.

Hi @joejwanderson,


Welcome to the community forum and thank you for posting. 


I sorry to hear that your mobile data isn't working. The best thing do do is to contact the Mobile Chat Team


Give that a go and let me know how you get on.





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Re: Mobile Data not working.

Further to the above [good] advice, is there another mobile you can try your sim card in?

 Also does another sim card in your phone allow your mobile to use data?


Edit:   If you ionstall the android app 'Network Signal Information' by Kaibits on your phone, you will be able to detect whether there is actually a data signal [and what type of data] is in your vicinity. [If you are an i phone user, I'm sure there will be a similar app at your disposal].

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